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Facts about Weight Loss Journey

Does it really work?

It Does !

How ?

Meet our weight management expert Doctor

To determine the best weight loss program, Meet with our GMC-registered physician Specialists trained in obesity medicine look at a person's entire lifestyle and medical history to understand the causes of their weight-related problem.

Based on your goals, your doctor will recommend a program that you believe suits you the best.

This could be as simple as prescribing an appetite suppressant or having a daily or weekly weight loss injection.

Your journey to weight loss could not be easier, and we support you every step of the way. We use evidence-based NICE approved medicines to provide you with the most effective weight loss methods and work mutually to help you reduce your excess weight.

Medical weight loss programs are safe and successful in the long term.

Our weight loss treatment clinic is located in the north-west and we are happy to see you at your convenient time.

Yes , There is way out .

Health benefits outweigh any other treatment

Weight loss is single most top advice given by doctors to patients due to its huge benefits however it is easier said than done. Imagine you reversed your diabetes and cut down your high blood pressure tablets just because you lost 1 stone of weight.

But there is way out

As long as it is safe to do so. You can be on weight loss track in no time. lose some weight, get some compliments and wear your old dress size you dream to wear again.

It is all possible.

Yes, It is not for everybody.

If You have BMI 27 if you have any health condition such as blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Or BMI 30 + without health conditions.

Yes, there can be side effects but that's why we are here for! You will be closely monitored until you reach your goal.

You will have weekly doctors appointment to check your blood pressure, your heart, lungs and your weight graph.

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